Diagnosing Surfing Injuries in San Diego

Diagnosing Surfing Injuries in San Diego


As a sports medicine specialist here at Synergy Orthopedic Specialist Group in San Diego,  I’ve had a lot of experience diagnosing surfing accidents.    One of the most frequent problems I see has to do with shoulder injuries while surfing. So, I’d like to go over about 5 different things that you can consider if you’ve had an injury to your shoulder when you been surfing.

The first question is “How did the injury occur?” Is this something that developed suddenly with an injury or is this something that developed over a period of months or even years?

The second question would be “Where is the pain that you’re experiencing in the shoulder?” Is it in the front of the shoulder, the side of the shoulder or the back of the shoulder?

Another question along those lines is “Is there any radiation?” Do you feel it only in your elbow? Does it extend down into your hand? What activities cause it to be most symptomatic? Is it while you’re paddling if you’re able to surf or during the pop up? And if you’re no longer able to surf, is it during your normal activities at home? Does it bother you when you’re reaching above your head or is it more when you’re turning your neck? These are all important questions that may point to a diagnosis.

A fourth question is “Do you have any numbness that’s associated with it?” Sometimes people will experience numbness that goes into their elbow or even their hand, and making note of which fingers are affected can be helpful for determining what type of diagnosis you might have.

A fifth and final question is “Do you feel weakness in your shoulder?” Sometimes this can be from a sense of instability like the shoulder is going to slip out of place or sometimes it’s just a matter of that you don’t have the strength to lift the shoulder up above the level of your head. This can tell us things about your rotator cuff, your labrum or potentially the nerves that help you to power your shoulder and to tell it what to do.

All of these questions paint a picture of an injury that we’re able to deal with, with one of the specialists at Synergy Orthopedic Specialist Group.

If you have more questions about your shoulder injury or how to obtain an appointment with one of us, you can visit us at [synergysmg.com]. And there we have profiles of all the different specialists were available to assist in your care.

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