Kristopher L. Downing, M.D.

Specialty: Orthopedic Surgery
Subspecialty: Hand/Upper Extremity Surgery, Microsurgery (Fellowship-Trained)

Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group Inc
La Jolla/San Diego/Chula Vista,

9834 Genesee Ave, Ste 228
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750 Medical Center Court, Ste 14
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(858) 824-1703
Fax: 858-455-6473

La Jolla – San Diego – Chula Vista

I strive for meticulousness and attention to detail in all of the general orthopaedic and hand/upper extremity care I provide to patients. This has led to fantastic patient outcomes, even in the face of devastating injury and/or disease.

I sub-specialize in the care of the upper limb (including the brachial plexus, shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand) and pride myself in taking my time and utilizing my maximal effort and critical thinking for each and every case. Most importantly, I give patients the time and attention they need, despite the fast-paced “go, go, go” nature of today’s health care environment. Treating everyone as if they were a family member keeps my patients exceptionally happy with my treatment decisions. Furthermore, this keeps patients, their family members and their close friends coming back for more of my care that everyone deserves and should expect of all physicians.

Lastly, all patients make a tacit pact with me to comply with our agreed upon treatment decisions, which places the onus on the patient to get better in therapy once they have left my sight. My overall goal is to accurately diagnose your condition and provide you with reasonable treatment options. I welcome you to contact my office for an appointment to discuss all of your musculoskeletal issues.

Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group, Incorporated

LSC Orthopedics

LSC Orthopedics

M.D. University of California, Los Angeles

B.S. University of California, Riverside (Biomedical Sciences)

Planned for 2014
Subspecialty Certificate in Surgery of the Hand

Board Certified
Diplomate, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
(Certified 7/24/2012-12/31/2022)

California – A106278

Pennsylvania – MD430476

Resident Clinical Instructor

Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Keck School of Medicine of USC

Clinical Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery

Department of Orthopedic Surgery

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Alvarado Hospital

2010-PresentSarp Memorial Hospital

Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Scripps Mercy Hospital, San Diego

Scripps Mercy Hospital, Chula Vista

Paradise Valley Hospital

Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center

Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center Surgery Supervisory Committee

National Societies:

American Society for Surgery of the Hand
Candidate Member (application pending for active membership)

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
Active Fellow

American Medical Association
State Societies:

California Orthopedic Association

Pennsylvania Medical Society
Member of Resident Section

Local Societies:

Philadelphia Orthopedic Society
Resident Member

Major Teaching and Clinical Responsibilities at the University of Pennsylvania and Affiliated Hospitals:

Taught at University of Pennsylvania Medical School Bone Science Course

Coordinated Physician Coverage and Covered Local High School Team Sporting Event

November 2, 2013
Long Beach, CA
Shoulder and Elbow Dissection Course (Stryker)

October 2-5, 2013
San Francisco, CA
68th ASSH Annual Meeting

September 14, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
Hand, Wrist and Elbow Surgery Symposium (Arthrex)
February 22-23, 2013

March 18-22, 2012
Las Vegas, NV

San Diego, CA

Snowmass, CO
Trimed Extremities Seminar (Current Concepts in Wrist, Elbow and Ankle Fracture Management)

Sharp HealthCare Physician Leadership Academy

8th Annual Upper Extremity Tutorial, Placing the Hand in Space: Reconstructive Surgery of the Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist
March 20-24, 2011
Snowmass, CO

7th Annual Upper Extremity Tutorial, Placing the Hand in Space: Reconstructive Surgery of the Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist
March 5-7, 2011
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia 13th Annual Hand Surgery Symposium, Dancing with the Elbow Stars

San Diego, CA
AAOS Annual Meeting

Boston, MA
65th ASSH Annual Meeting

Durham, NC
Eighth Annual Duke Flap Course (Duke University School of Medicine, Division of Plastic, Maxillofacial, & Oral Surgery)

Phoenix, AZ
Upper Extremity Fresh Frozen Cadaveric Dissection Course

Las Vegas, NV
From the Shoulder to the Fingertips (Acumed)

San Francisco, CA
64th ASSH Annual Meeting

Las Vegas, NV
AAOS Annual Meeting

Toronto, Canada
AO Advanced Course (Synthes)

Mahwah, NJ
Trauma/Anatomic Exposures Course (Stryker)

Memphis, TN
Arthroplasty Course (Smith & Nephew)

Seattle, WA
62nd ASSH Annual Meeting

Mahwah, NJ
Upper Extremity Dissection Course (Stryker)

Irvine, CA
Shoulder Dissection/Fresh Frozen Cadaveric Course (Stryker)

San Diego, CA
AO Basic Course (Synthes)

“Keinbock disease.” LAC+USC Medical Center. Hand/Upper Extremity Service Conference. June 22, 2010.

“Gout, Pseudogout and Rheumatoid Arthritis.”  LAC+USC Medical Center.  Hand/Upper Extremity Service Conference.  April 20, 2010.

“Extensor Mechanism: Anatomy, Imbalance, Injury and Repair.”  USC/Kaiser City-Wide Hand Surgery Conference.  March 10, 2010.

Weekly/Monthly Case Presentations throughout Fellowship 2009-2010.

“Anatomy and Compartment Syndrome of the Foot.”  Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Trauma Conference.  June 22, 2009.

“Complex Fractures of the Radial Head: ORIF vs Prosthetic Replacement.”  Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  Evidence-Based Medicine in Trauma Lecture Series.  Trauma Conference.  June 1, 2009.

“Femoral Prostheses/Stem Geometry.”  Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.  Joints Conference.  November 17, 2008.

“Lag Screw Technique.” Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Perioperative Staff Orthopedic In-Service Course.  September 27, 2008.

“Digital Injuries.” Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  Sports Conference.  September 16, 2008.

“Hand and Wrist Trauma.” Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  Summer School Conference.  July 22, 2008.

“Rehab Breakfast Club.”  Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  OITE Review Lecture Series.  July 3, 2008.

“Vascular Injury in TKA.” Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.  Joints Conference.  June 9, 2008.

“Lower Extremity Amputations and Disparities in Amputation Rates.”  Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.  Foot and Ankle Conference.  April 15, 2008.

“OCD of the Talus.”  Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.  Foot and Ankle Conference.  April 8, 2008.

“Replantation.”  Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.  Upper Extremity Conference.  September 12, 2007.

Research Publications:

Downing KL, Crawford EA, Ogilvie CM. Concurrent osteochondroma and osteoblastoma of the proximal humeral shaft. Orthopedics. 2009 Jan;32(1):53.

Melvin JS, Downing KL, Ogilvie CM. A Technique for Removal of Broken Cannulated Tricortical Syndesmotic Screws. Journal of Orthopedic Trauma. 2008 Oct;22(9):648-51.

Dear Patients:

As most of you are aware, over the last several days and weeks we have been learning about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our world.  At Synergy Orthopedic Specialists, we have one goal that we strive for, and that is to keep you, our patients, and our employees safe.  This has been the topic of our planning and conversations and we have implemented several measures to ensure that we do everything possible to reduce the threat of this disease.

Our offices are regularly cleaned and sanitized, but we are now ramping up those procedures to include wiping down counters and other surfaces more frequently.  Additionally, we have hand sanitizer available, and washrooms for thorough hand washing.  We are closely following the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Our employees have been instructed to frequently use antiseptic hand cleaner as well as handwashing per the CDC instructions.  We also encourage our patients to do the same. If our employees feel sick or begin running a temperature, they have been instructed to stay home.  Similarly, we request that patients who are not feeling well, reschedule their appointments and not come to our clinics while they are ill. 

If our employees become ill, our offices may be functioning with less that optimal staffing; therefore, we request your patience if there are longer than average wait times or other delays.  Any location that may have any direct exposure, will be quarantined for cleaning.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and do all that we can to protect you and our employees.  For more information and guidelines on the Covid-19, please visit:

Thank you