Synergy Orthopedics is the fastest growing musculoskeletal medical group in southern California.  We seek to partner with physicians that’s mission is to provide excellence in medical care.

What are the benefits for joining Synergy Orthopedics?

  • Become part of something larger (The Leading Orthopedic Medical Group on the West Coast)
  • Continued control over local practice and patient care
  • Increased revenue from ancillary services
  • Increased Payor Contracts
  • Reduction of overhead from GPO contracts an centralized services
  • Assistance with physician recruitment
  • Relief from the headaches of compliance and government burdens
  • Opportunity to participate in Ortho ASC
  • Investing in yourselves by creating equity in the business

How does the Physician Partnership process work?

  • After an initial conversation, Synergy Orthopedics and the medical group will sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • The medical group will provide Synergy’s team with preliminary information about the practice.
  • The Synergy team will then present a formal proposal.
  • The Synergy Orthopedics and medical group will sign a letter of intent to partner.
  • The Synergy team will then perform due diligence on the practice.
  • The Synergy Orthopedics and medical group will finalize the partnership at closing.


    Alejandro Fernandez, MBA, CMPE Chief Executive Officer Synergy Orthopedic Specialists
    4445 Eastgate Mall, Suite 105 San Diego, CA 92121

    Tel: (858) 412-6080 | Fax: (858) 412-6376