How To Treat Toenail Fungus


I’m Dr. Jay Berenter, a podiatrist in San Diego California and this is about the treatment of toenail fungus.  One of the most common problems we see in our practice and the most common problem podiatrists across the country see is fungal toenails.

There is a large genetic component to this; although, also oftentimes after a small trauma to the nail, fungus that lives in our shoes can jump in and become a problem in terms of the way the nail looks.  Fungus can turn the nail white or yellow, brown or black at times and causes the nail to get thick and brittle and difficult to cut.

In treating it in the past, the treatment modalities were not very effective or had significant side effects.  The oral medications that are used work 60 to 65% of the time and they have significant liver side-effects potentially.  So, it is not something that I routinely use as a practice.  Lasers have been used over the last five years; however, they were off-label and had spotty results at best.

Within the last year Erchonia Corporation has developed the Lunula Laser, which is the machine pictured here.  It is the first FDA-approved laser for clear nail growth.  This laser has no side effects, and does not hurt whatsoever.  It works via dual wavelength low level laser mechanism to destroy the fungal cells that live in the nail plate itself.

This cures nail infections upwards of 88% of the time in our patients when we use it in combination with a specific therapy regimen that we have developed over the last several years to maximize our patient’s outcomes.  While the literature reports 88% success rate, in seeing our patients back on follow up, I have been happily surprised that I think we have exceeded the 88% percent level in terms of cure rate by the strict regimen that we utilize in combination with the laser.  So, it has completely changed how we can cure fungal nail infections for patients comfortably, easily, and again with no side effects on an outpatient basis.

This is an affordable laser.  All the treatments usually typically cost about $695 compared to other lasers that run anywhere from $1200 to $2000.  So once again Lunula has completely changed how we treat fungal toenail infections, where I am confident that we can make a big difference in terms of the appearance of the toenail for most of our patients.

If you have a problem with toenail fungus or you know someone who does have a problem with toenail fungus, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 858-450-9218, or visit our website at where you can get some more information.

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