9339 Genesee Avenue


9339 Genesee Ave, Ste 150, San Diego CA 92121
Office: (858) 357-9477

Services Offered

  • Primary Care
  • Sports Medicine
  • IM/IV Vitamin Therapy (including NAD Therapy)
  • Weight Loss Programs (Ideal Protein, Ketogenic Diet, Phentermine and HCG Diet)
  • Regenerative Medicine (PRP & Stem Cell Therapy)
  • Aesthetic Procedures (Botox, Fillers, Microneedling and Chemical Peels)
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Neurofeedback Services (Brain Mapping & Brain Training)
  • Body Sculpting

Office hours

Day Timing
Monday 9:00am-5pm
Tuesday 9:00am-5pm
Wednesday 9:00am-5pm
Thursday 9:00am-5pm
Friday 9:00am-5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed



Seth Camhi, MD

Dear Patients:

As most of you are aware, over the last several days and weeks we have been learning about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our world.  At Synergy Orthopedic Specialists, we have one goal that we strive for, and that is to keep you, our patients, and our employees safe.  This has been the topic of our planning and conversations and we have implemented several measures to ensure that we do everything possible to reduce the threat of this disease.

Our offices are regularly cleaned and sanitized, but we are now ramping up those procedures to include wiping down counters and other surfaces more frequently.  Additionally, we have hand sanitizer available, and washrooms for thorough hand washing.  We are closely following the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Our employees have been instructed to frequently use antiseptic hand cleaner as well as handwashing per the CDC instructions.  We also encourage our patients to do the same. If our employees feel sick or begin running a temperature, they have been instructed to stay home.  Similarly, we request that patients who are not feeling well, reschedule their appointments and not come to our clinics while they are ill. 

If our employees become ill, our offices may be functioning with less that optimal staffing; therefore, we request your patience if there are longer than average wait times or other delays.  Any location that may have any direct exposure, will be quarantined for cleaning.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and do all that we can to protect you and our employees.  For more information and guidelines on the Covid-19, please visit:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

Thank you